The Depths of Deepwater

Pilot - 12.01.2012

- Atticus met with Master Smith and Towermaster Greenbeard, was commissioned to go on a quest for extra credit points.
- Atticus finds Patrino at a local inn near the docks (Dragons Codpiece) in Greentower, commissions him for bodyguarding work
- Atticus and Patrino travel to Wide Harbour and find Jin Artrist playing at another Tavern (The Full Sail)
- The Party meet Chris the Horsemaster and Weasel the Halfling.
- Weasel takes the party to the Barrow Halls
- The party ponders the riddle posed to them in rhyme and opens the correct barrow.
- The party awakens several Dragur (Undead defenders of the Barrow) and a monster made out of smoke, and defeat it
- The party ventures forth, finds a coffin with Gems as eyes of a dragon inlaid on it. Upon prying the gems off a Fire elemental appears.
- After defeating the elemental they discovered the correct answer to the riddle posed on the coffin which opened revealing the chest and a Vicious War-Axe.
- The party then left the barrow, after a chance meeting with several members of the Freelancers loading weapons into a weapon cache they have in a nearby barrow.
- The party then leave Weasel back in Wide Harbour and venture onto Greentower together by sea.


That reminds me, are we going to go with magical items having their effects known basically straight away, or are we going to have to try to identify/experiment with them?

Pilot - 12.01.2012
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