The Depths of Deepwater

False Tracks - 19.01.2012

- The Party handed over the jewels they were sent to retrieve. Master Smith took the Jewels to identify them. Jin Artr ist kept the Box and a skull they found to forge an ‘artifact’ to sell to an unwary dealer
- The Party stayed several nights in the Attic of the Green Dragon inn, resting after their adventure.
- They Party was summoned to a meeting by Towermaster Greenbeard; The meeting is with Towermaster Greenbeard, The Lord Mayor Orlon Rees and the best tracker in the City Watch, Heidi Watermaid.
- There are reports of a force moving through the area north east of the Darkwood Forest, the Party is sent with Heidi to investigate.
- As evening falls the party settle down at a place known as Silverwater Grove; The party meets with a travelling salesman Dan, and his two bodyguards; Olaf Bronzeaxe a Dwarf and Grraall a Dragonborn hunter.
- On morning the party is attacked by a hungry pack of Drakes, who stumbled upon the party after trying to chase down a deer.
- On reports from Dan, the attackers have apparently sacked a village just outside of the outskirts of the forest.
- The party arrive at the village, Woodmeadow. To find the sacking to be true. They find most people with their tounges and eyes cut out, however a small child survived unscathed after being hidden in a grate.
- The Party question the townsfolk, and gather what information they can, including the body of a slain Sarafinian man. However Heidi does not believe that the Sarafin were behind the attack.
- The party leave the small village with the promise to hunt down whoever did this, and head north following the freshest set of tracks.


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